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What We Believe at Castleford First Baptist

Statement Of Faith


We consider it essential to Christian Faith:

To believe in the One and Only, Creator God who exists equally as the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.To believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and our sole authority for faith and practice.To believe that all men are sinners for whom God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ.To believe that we are made perfect forever solely by faith in what Christ has done for us, not by our actions or religious practices.To believe that our purpose in life is to be part of the Body of Christ, following Him in all areas of life, and being united with His purpose of reconciling the world to Himself.


Statement of Vision


The current goals of this church are to:

Focus on each individual becoming a follower of Jesus with a ‘first-love’, ongoing relationship. Encourage every parent to be responsible for teaching their children to love God. Embrace Jesus’ mission of seeking and saving the lost as each Christian’s primary mission.


Statement of Practice


We are an assembly of born-again Christians who:

Are self-governing and Elder led, by example and not by law nor manipulation. Affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, USA, Northwest Region for the purpose of accomplishing goals such as world-wide missions, camps, and leadership training.Cooperate with all area churches and ministries who are united in the work of Christ. Practice baptism by immersion and the celebration of the Lord’s Supper open to all believers. Value each person in the congregation equally, allowing them to grow in their own understandingof Scripture, and breaking ties only for disruptive or destructive behavior clearly listed in Scripture.



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