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Meet Our Staff
Pastor Dave and Caroline

Pastor David Shoobridge

David (Dave) Shoobridge started his ministry with First Baptist Church of Castleford, ID  October 24, 2019. David has extensive experience leading churches during interims having conducted three interim pastorates since 2012 in New York and Pennsylvania. Prior to that he was the lead pastor for St. Peter's Evangelical United Church of Christ in Kewannee, IL. During his tenure in Kewanne he developed and ran a free community meal program. Anyone needing a hot meal regardless of their income levels or social standing could share in nourishment once a week with one another and receive prayer and ministry. Twelve local churches and local vendors helped with the project.

Pastor David has extensive knowledge of rural and small-town communities and has spent his entire ministry career developing and discerning how to bring Christ and His message to people in these communities. He also specializes in children’s and youth ministries, helping the churches he has served reach youth in each of their settings.

His wife, Caroline, has worked alongside David in ministry. She has a Master's in Addiction Counseling and her undergrad is in Christian ministry and psychology.

In summarizing some of his passion for ministry, David explains: "Everybody has a story and everyone deserves to be respected and listened to. I am especially open to those in recovery, those with mental illness and those with disability issues. We are all God’s children. God has called us to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who will listen. I am especially called to preach the Word of God and to make it relevant to our times. We are also called to be God’s hands and feet, to care for all of His children and to live lives worthy of Jesus’ sacrifice."

Pastor Thoms

Youth Pastor - Thomas Klein



Greetings! My name is Thomas Klein. Following graduation from Faith Baptist Bible College, I was called to serve in  a joint internship with Castleford and Filer First Baptist Churches. God then led this relationship to continue through hiring into the shared Youth Pastor position that I have been privileged to serve in since early 2015. 


I was born and spent my life in the Flathead Valley of NW Montana, and I wouldn’t choose anywhere else even if I could. I was born the middle child and only boy between my sisters Natasha and Whitney. I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home and surrounded by believing extended family members. During December of 1994, the gospel and the meaning of Christmas came to resonate in my young heart and I accepted Salvation with the guidance of my mother.


God used my involvement in a number of ministries throughout my teen years, including AWANA, Kids Club, Youth Group, and especially Camp, to show me that the passion and purpose He had given me was toward youth ministries. So I finished my A.S. degree and transferred to Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA to pursue Youth Ministry in 2010. May 2014 I graduated with a B.S. in Assistant Pastoral studies. Following this I began the aforementioned internship here. 


My greatest joy is interacting with teens and children (and even adults) and creating opportunities to help them applying the God's Truth in their lives. Along the way I enjoy including coffee,  a good meal (and yes I can cook one of those, so come on over), or a good cheesecake. I am a coffee connoisseur and usually have a cup in hand. I like all things computer and electronic related (yes, the term is “Geek”). I also love spending time doing just about anything outdoors - especially amidst the beauty of Glacier National Park - including landscaping, hiking, swimming, skiing, and biking. Movies (but not TV) is a favorite way to spend a relaxed evening, or I'll grab a good book for something a little more stimulating. 


During my time as an intern, I met my wonderful wife Emily and her two boys.
We were married in 2017 and love being able to serve Christ together. Our sons, Uriah and Josiah, keep life interesting and full of energy. 

Castleford First Baptist Church Admin Assist

Judy Barnes- Ministry Assistant


I lived in Castleford the 1st 18 years of my life and Castleford First Baptist was a major part of my childhood.  Jesus has been my Lord and Savior from the time I was 8 years old and I praise God for the steadfast love and dedication my mother had for Jesus and for her influence on my life to serve him! 

I attended college in the big city of Boise and eventually married and raised my family there,
2 sons and a daughter.  I now have 5 grandchildren and 7 more grandchildren by marriage. 

Attending First Baptist Church in Boise for over 40 years before moving back to my hometown 7 years ago,  I was very active in all church activities from teaching Sunday School to the American Baptist Women’s Ministry, serving on the local as well as state levels.  

During the years that I owned my own business, a quilt shop, God gave me many opportunities to witness his love and share Him with others.  Combining my love of quilting with my love for the gospel, I witnessed to many women using my quilts as an example of God’s work in our lives; the finished quilt representing our finished lives.  Loving to cook, I also served as kitchen coordinator and head cook for a Wednesday night family program for 8 years. 

In 1996 I began a new career as a ministry assistant (a fancy name for secretary) that sharpened my skills not only administratively but also in mentoring those in need.  Through all the years there has been many challenges and Jesus has always been with me, comforting me in my sorrows and rejoicing in my joys.  What a privilege it is to serve Him here at Castleford First Baptist!

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