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Castleford First Baptist World Missions Partners

Williams Family 2019

Williams Family

Kyle and Katrina Williams from Everett, Washington, have been commissioned to serve in Chiang Rai, Thailand. They are currently on US assignment raising their final support. 

Kyle will use his gifts to provide leadership, mentoring and coaching with staff in taking part in state-of-the-art information mapping. Kyle will join with Southeast Asia national leadership to seek justice for oppressed populations and to strengthen human rights and dignity.  

Once things settle Katrina will begin getting to know what is going on in Chiang Rai and how she can use her skills to advance the Kingdom. There are plenty of opportunities that fit her gifts and passions.  

Kyle has recently finished a Master's of Science at Central Washington University where he focused on racism and tribalism, its driving mechanism and techniques to overcome it.

Katrina is a photographer and graphic artist.

Together they have worked summers at a family commercial fishing site in Alaska and are homeschooling their four children.

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